Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Tooth

We had a nice relaxing day at home today.  Everything was nice and calm until right before supper.  Tiger Boy was playing on the couch and decided to bite one of the pillows.  His bottom front tooth somehow managed to get stuck in the fabric.  He yanked the pillow out of his mouth and his tooth came with it.  The whole tooth came out root and all.  It was bleeding pretty badly as I carried him to the sink to clean him up.

You can kind of see the gap.

My husband found the tooth and I called the doctor to see what we should to.  The doctor said that since it was a baby tooth there is not much they would do if we took him to the ER.  She said to use pressure and cold to stop the bleeding.  Once we got the bleeding under control he enjoyed a popsicle.  He seems fine and even ate a great supper.  Later he told me that we should not bite pillows.  It is rather funny that biting a pillow made his tooth come out.

My boy with his tooth.

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