Friday, January 28, 2011


I have been neglecting my blog as of late.  My last post was 10 days ago and the January posts have been sparse. If you look back through them you will see that it has been a crazy month.

I am happy to say that Sugar Plum is reading.  She is doing such a good job sounding out CVC words and attempting to read all words she can see.  She reads signs, books, things on TV, it is fun.

We are getting ready to head to Iowa and Nebraska in about a week.  One of my sisters is getting married and both kids are in the wedding.  We will be making the 17 plus hour drive in two parts.  The first being 12 hours to my parents house in Iowa and then on to Nebraska the next day.  We are looking forward to celebrating with my sister.  Thankfully we won't do the drive back to back coming home as we plan to spend a few days with my parents after the wedding before coming home.

Baby number 3 is growing and things are going well, if you consider a super tired, sick mama as well.  We are getting excited for this summer when the baby makes his or her appearance.  Sugar Plum is convinced it is a girl and refers to the baby as she.  Although she is not too sure about having to share her room with the baby.  She has suggested we name the baby Casey.  We told her she can give suggestions but it is up to Mommy and Daddy to name the baby.  I don't think Tiger Boy has a clue that his world will be turned upside down in a few months.  He has been my baby for 3 years and we didn't think we would have any more.  I think he will be a good big brother though.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Number 3

Well, we had a big surprise in our family right before Christmas.  We found out that baby #3 is on the way.

This surprise will make his or her debut sometime in early August.

#2 and #1 are looking forward to having a baby in the house.

Friday, January 14, 2011


This has been an up and down week for me.  We had a really cool thing happen.  On Wednesday, I was reading a book to Sugar Plum and she pointed out a word and sounded it out. Then she sounded out another word.  I was much impressed. This has been a huge struggle for her.  I then got out a simple CVC word book that I had just got in the mail and had her try reading it.  She did great.  I had to help her with few words but she read the book.  MY GIRL CAN READ!!!!

On the flip side I have realized that the phonics curriculum I picked was not a good fit for either of us.  I did add a different curriculum's workbook to it and that seemed to help some.  Now, I am so frustrated with myself for not getting something better sooner. I think she is really behind and I am not sure how to get her caught up to where she needs to be.  I have a few ideas to try to get her moving along.  I just feel disappointed in myself and wish I knew how to help her better. This homeschooling thing is tough.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I took a few weeks off for Christmas and was planning on getting this going on my blog, however we got sick.  My husband has pneumonia, both kids have fevers and I have a headache and don't feel well either.  So my blog is kinda on hiatus.  Hopefully, I will get things going again soon.