Monday, September 20, 2010

Egypt & Apples

Today we read the story about Joseph and how he was a slave in Egypt.  We read how God used him to save the people and his own family from starvation.  Then we made collars to look like Egyptian kings and queens.

Later we talked about apples.  We are going to an apple orchard tomorrow with our newly formed homeschool group.  I am so excited about it. So today we made apple trees.  

First we traced our hands on green paper to make the leaves.  Then we glued them onto a paper plate and them we painted on the apples.  I cut slits into paper towel tubes for the plates to slide into for the trunk.

The kids had a lot of fun today with all the art things we did.  I am hoping to have more apple themed things the rest of the week too.

Tiger Boy & Sugar Plum

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  1. I didn't know you were blogging. Now I am your newest follower. Give Sugar Plum and Tiger Boy a hug from Grandma!