Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where We Are

Well we have been in school for over 5 weeks now.  It is going well.  The kids are enjoying it.  I am enjoying it too.

Sugar Plum is most excited about learning the "50 States That Rhyme" song.  She is adding one state each day to her map and we are up to Mississippi today.  She is getting really good at saying the states in alphabet order.  She is doing better with reading too.  I am most pleased with her spelling skills right now. She has struggled with this and it seems to finally be clicking which is great. Sugar Plum is loving her special classes at our local Christian School.  She currently likes PE over Art which I think is because she can talk more. She is most excited to be going on a field trip with the 2nd graders to the zoo tomorrow.

Tiger Boy is doing well in preschool this year.  He surprised us yesterday by counting by 2's all the way to 20. I had no clue he could do that.  I knew he could get to 10 but to 20 was awesome. I am trying to figure out what to do with him for more math stuff because he is ready for more than just counting.  He is also doing well with the short vowel sounds.  He has them all figured out now and e and i no longer sound the same when he says them.  He also enjoys the weekly story time at our library.

Copper Top is turning into a toddler more each day.  He prefers to walk around instead of crawling, unless he wants to get somewhere fast. He is jabbering and points at things all day long.  He knows what he wants and tells me all about it, unfortunately I don't speak his language.  He loves books and it is fun to sit and read with him.

So that is where we are at this point in the school year.

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