Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bread and Butter

This week Sugar Plum has been learning about bread. We talked about how Jesus is the Bread of Life.  We talked about miracles in the Bible about bread such as Jesus feeding the 5,000 and God sending the Israelites manna in the desert.  In science we talked about how yeast causes bread to rise and did experiments to see how that works. Sugar Plum also learned about the Dutch pioneers that came and founded New Amsterdam which eventually became New York.  The Dutch were some of the first to bring livestock across the ocean to the new world.  She learned how they made butter from the fresh cream from the cow's milk.  So we tried our hand at making butter.  It was actually pretty simple and it tasted quite good.

Here is a loaf of homemade bread and the butter we made.

Sugar Plum enjoying her snack.

Tiger Boy enjoying the bread and butter.

Copper Top looking cute as always.

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