Saturday, September 8, 2012

Random Thoughts

A few random thoughts....

1. I might need to plan and stick to a schedule with my kids.  I have often been lazy and we just kind of go with the flow most days.  I am seeing that is not really working.  I think it might be harder on me than them.

2. When I plan the above schedule I want to include some one on one time each week with my kids.  They all crave my undivided attention a lot and I think knowing when they get mommy all to themselves might be cool to them.

3. I am loving our curriculum this year.  I know I already said that in another post but seriously it is great.

4. I need to write my blog posts about the Veggie Tales DVD reviews.  Soon.

5. I got to go shopping by myself today.  4 hours of bliss by myself.  It was so nice.

6. I bought new towels for the bathroom today.

7. I am really needing to get the pictures ordered for Copper Top's baby book. I am 8 months behind. Poor third kid.

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