Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkins Day 1

Today we started our mini unit on pumpkins.  It was fun.  Here is a little of what we did.

We lined them up smallest to biggest and counted them.

Next we estimated their weight and weighed them to check how accurate we were. Tiger Boy guessed 10 on all of his and was actually close on one.  Sugar Plum guessed 22 pounds for her large pumpkin and she was correct. 

Next we measured how big around the pumpkins were.

Finally we took one out to the porch and cut it open.  I think they look so funny here. Like they are bored to death or something.  It just makes me laugh.

Seeing inside for the first time.  I wish I had not cut off Tiger Boy's head. This is such a fun picture.

Exploring and observing inside. Tiger Boy only touched it once.  It was sticky.  He is so much like his daddy and doesn't like to get dirty.

Playing in the "goop" as she called it.  Sugar Plum is like me and doesn't mind a bit of mess.

Tiger Boy digging in the pumpkin (with a spoon) after I cleaned it all out.

Later we went in and wrote in our booklets all that we had learned while playing with the pumpkin. I cleaned the seeds and they are drying on the counter for more fun to come this week.

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  1. oo what fun you had with pumpkins! We are off to the pumpkin patch tonight to get some more pumpkins for some fun next week :-)