Thursday, August 26, 2010

2010-2011 Curriculum

I am really getting excited for our homeschool to start on Monday.  We have done 2 years of preschool and Sugar Plum is ready for kindergarten.  Tiger Boy will be joining us for as much or as little as he wants. I also have some curriculum for him to do while we do our school work.

I will be using Little Hearts for His Glory as our core. It includes Bible, History, Science and Art. We will be going to story time at our library once a week. Sugar Plum will hopefully begin piano lessons in a few weeks.  She will also be taking swimming lessons at the YMCA.  We will be doing lots of reading aloud together too.

Tiger Boy- Preschool Year 1
Preparatory Curriculum from
Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills Preschool

Sugar Plum- Kindergarten
Little Hearts for His Glory
Happy Phonics
Singapore Math- Earlybird K
Teach Them Spanish-K

I have a little bit of prep work left, but we are mostly ready to go.  My husband is taking Sugar Plum out to breakfast on the first day of school just like his mom always used to do for him.  She is excited for the special date time with daddy.  Then we they get back we will start school.

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