Monday, August 12, 2013

Our School Area

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This week is all about school rooms.  We do not have a school room.  I wish I did but that is not an option for now.  We live in a small apartment but our kitchen and living room is one big room. We do most of our school at the kitchen table and some on the floor and couch.

This is our school wall.  It is right by our front door.  We have our calendar, weather, We Choose Virtues, Flag, Bible verse, and daily schedule.  I didn't take a picture of it but we also have things all down the short hallway we have to the bedrooms.  We have a world map, art work and various posters.

To keep us organized I have the kids use a modified workbox system.  We are lacking in space so each of them has a box like this, that I got a Walmart.

Here is Tiger Boy's box.  The blue folders he has to work with me and the white folders he can do by himself.

This is Sugar Plum's box.  She knows what she needs me for and so I didn't worry about color coding hers.

This is our toy/school closet. It is right next to the table in the living room.

This is the top part of the closet. It has games, craft supplies, playdough, manipulatives, and a remote control truck. :)
The middle section has more games, puzzles, preschool games and file folder games.

The bottom is books, cars, rubbermaid containers of Legos, dishes, puzzles, GI Joes, and animals. In the middle crate holds our library books.

 I also have curriculum on the top shelves of the bookcase in my daughter's bedroom.  She doesn't like this but there is nowhere else for it to go.

Also, in her room is a filing cabinet with extra stuff in it that we may need.


  1. Hmmmm - I like the way you are using your boxes. I have been considering something very similar. So happy I stopped by!

  2. Your closet is a great use of space. You have every inch organized.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Great idea with your boxes-I may need to do this!