Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 kids is tough!

As I type this my new baby is hanging on me wrapped in my wonderful Moby wrap.  I love it and don't know how I survived having babies before without one.  Well, I suppose it could be that I only had 1 kid, then only 2.  But man, having 3 kids is tough.  I am amazed at how much harder it is to do everything.  I do not have enough hands to do it all.

We are adjusting well.  Super Baby (as we like to call him) will be 6 months old next week.  He is still up several times a night and refuses all pacifiers.  He makes me tired, but is so worth having.

School is fun and challenging.  Sugar Plum is half way through first grade and is doing great. She is becoming a better reader and is really excelling at math.  Tiger Boy is enjoying doing some preschool work with his cousin a few days a week but usually prefers to play instead of do school.  I don't push him too much on it right now.  Super Baby is rolling over, babbling "dada" and getting ready to start solid food soon.

So this is our life good, but busy.

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